What We Do in the Shadows (2019) s02e02 – Ghosts

Ghosts is a very well-balanced “What We Do in the Shadows,” meaning all three vampires—Kayvan Novak, Matt Berry, Natasia Demetriou—get their own showcases and there’s some left over for Mark Proksch’s energy vampire. Not a lot for Harvey Guillén, but he got last episode.

The episode starts with the household discovering they’ve got ghosts. Or at least Demetriou thinks they have ghosts, but Berry and Novak think ghosts are bullshit. Guillén gets a great rant about the believability of vampires versus ghosts.

Turns out Demetriou’s right, of course, and they do have ghosts. Specifically, they have the ghost of her human ex-lover, Jake McDorman, who is reincarnated over and over and decapitated (by Berry) over and over. McDorman wants Demetriou’s help with something so he can leave the mortal plane, but discovering ghosts actually exist gets Demetriou interested in calling forward some different ones.

Specifically her ghost, along with Berry and Novak’s. Their human ghosts, the souls who departed their bodies back when they became vampires. It’s kind of a really obvious question I’ve never heard raised in any other vampire content. Though I’m decidedly limited. But it’s a cool idea.

And it really pays off. They all have ghosts with unfinished business. Novak gets the cute arc, having forgotten his native language and being unable to communicate with his eighth century human self. Berry’s ghost is very much like Berry the vampire, which is a great touch—Laszlo was always Laszlo, he just wasn’t always a vampire; the two Berry scenes are fantastic because it’s not the big arc so it’s just a lot of able mugging. With a great couple punchlines.

Demetriou’s got the best ghost—revealing, again, Demetriou as the show’s secret weapon, she’s able to bring a level of humanity to the show no one else can. Her ghost is haunted by the idea Demetriou hasn’t done anything with immortality but hung out with Novak and Berry, who tell dick and fart jokes, or something to that effect. It’s hilarious and awesome. And then the ghost interested in McDorman, which only gets more promising as the doubles Demetriou plot.

Proksch’s support in Novak’s arc, but has this hilariously dumb running gag about this joke he’s trying to tell. It gets a most excellent resolution.

Paul Simms wrote the script. Very good script. Great performances from the cast. “What We Do in the Shadows” is smooth sailing two into the second season.

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