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Birthright (2014) #6

Birthright  6

It’s too soon to say I’m worried about Birthright, but I guess I’m starting to get concerned. Or maybe I wasn’t concerned but this issue is concerning.

Williamson is accelerating the story of the evil villain controlling Conan and accelerating Conan’s younger big brother figuring out something’s wrong with his brother. There’s some nice stuff with Williamson writing the character–Conan–as he remembers things from his past on Earth, many years before; it suggests there was probably a story here without the whole betrayal subplot, just not as long of one.

Or as action-packed?

There’s a really lame scene between the parents. Williamson doesn’t have the mother’s character down, which is getting to be a big problem. The parents are both generic–Dad good, Mom bad–and there’s too much time spent on them here.

Nice art from Bressan as usual.

Hopefully Birthright’s just stumbling, not falling.

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