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Birthright (2014) #3

Birthright  3

It’s a particularly interesting issue because Williamson never talks about the big secret–the big gimmick, the big deception, the big unknown. There’s stuff related to it, but he never identifies why he’s on these topics. It would be a bad jumping on issue.

There’s some good stuff with the parents. Not together so much, because Williamson is moving quickly. He doesn’t slow down for things he would need to stop and work with. The issue is kind of sprinting, actually. The mom has her good scenes, the dad has a couple scenes where it could lead somewhere better.

Then there’s the brother. The older brother who becomes younger but still somewhat wiser–at least in the ways of Earth. His scenes are good too; probably the best in the issue.

But Williamson is still soft booting the series with every issue. He still hasn’t found the Birthright’s sustainable tone.

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