Mark Taylor stars in TIME TRAP, directed by Michael Shanks.

Time Trap (2013, Michael Shanks)

Time Trap is a good combination of humor and visual effects mastery. Director Shanks–who also did the special effects–does some amazing work on the short. It’s about some space guy who crash lands on Earth after the world’s ended and he has to create time bubbles to look for parts to his spaceship.

So there’s a lot of effects, which are almost uniformly amazing, and then some humor stuff with the space guy, played by Mark Taylor. Taylor doesn’t have any lines and his face is covered so it’s hard to say what he brings to it.

Shanks figures out a good system–the localized time travel, which allows for cool effects but also comedic moments–and Time Trap is a solid short.

There are some fantastic shots in the film, combining the live action and the CG; Shanks is an impressive filmmaker. His script just lacks oomph.



Written, directed and edited by Michael Shanks; director of photography, Edward Goldner; music by Shanks; production designer, Nicholas Issell; produced by Shanks and Chris Hocking.

Starring Mark Taylor (Fripp).


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