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Wool 2 (June 2014)

Wool #2It can’t really be so obvious, can it? So much of Wool’s cast not seeming to be able to see what’s going on has to do with them being simple silo folk, used to living a certain way and absolutely unable to see the obvious. Like poisoned water.

Even though Broxton does a great job with all the content he’s got to fit into the issue… It doesn’t come off. Palmiotti and Gray aren’t just doing a packed issue, they’re doing a packed issue without thinking about it like an issue. This issue needs to introduce the new sheriff. They don’t structure it for that purpose. They keep the main story going and just through her into it.

It doesn’t work. There’s not enough character development given the series has a new protagonist. And the supporting cast is so jumbled they just appear.

It’s still interesting, just poorly executed.



Writers, Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray; artist, Jimmy Broxton; letterer, Bill Tortolini; editor, Matt Hoffman; publisher, Jet City Comics.

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