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Nightworld 4 (November 2014)

Nightworld #4Once again, McGovern manages not to do anything special–or even particularly good–with his script for the issue and still it all turns out fine. Leandri’s art is so strong, his ability to mix in all the action and the mood–this issue has the good guys creeping through a varied landscape–just makes Nightworld work.

McGovern still has some dumb pop culture stuff and he entirely changes the narrative style for this issue–there’s a lot of talking–and the ending is weak, but there’s an earnestness to the script. And Leandri can deliver the visuals.

Unfortunately, McGovern’s plotting is so shabby the last page is a real disappointment. There’s not enough space to make the finish visually compelling; the series goes out on a down note.

But the rest of the art is so strong, it doesn’t matter. It’s a goofy, glorious comic; Leandri does awesome work.



Clash by Night; writer, Adam McGovern; artist and letterer, Paolo Leandri; colorist, Dominic Regan; publisher, Image Comics.

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  1. V Wiley

    As usual, you hit the nail on the head. While I enjoyed Nightworld, the authors announcement of TWO more series left me deflated, despite enjoying this one. Best he move on with a developement of his skills, and reapproach this series later when he has a better command of a plot.

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