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Nailbiter (2014) #2

Nailbiter  2

It’s hard to say when being self indulgent is the right movie. Even with a good writer–and Williamson is a good writer–it can go wrong. It goes wrong this issue of Nailbiter. Williamson spends way too much time on the interview with the famous serial killer and lets this guy overshadow the protagonist.

The best scene in the issue is the protagonist and the sheriff talking over dinner. Even with some forced exposition into the famous serial killers of the town. Wait a second, A Voice in the Dark has a town full of serial killers too… maybe it’s going to be Image’s new thing instead of superheroes; serial killers.

Anyway, there’s a showdown scene with the townspeople, which is a waste of pages except to foreshadow. Then there’s the issue’s villain meeting up with the secret big boss.

The comic’s got good art, good scene writing, but it meanders.

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