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Phonogram (2006) #4


It’s got a cliffhanger. A genuine cliffhanger. It’s like Gillen’s writing a serialized narrative.

How exciting.

Before I actually start saying nice things about Gillen (for a change), let me keep with the standard of saying something nasty. Gillen makes a big reference to Dante’s Inferno—the protagonist’s guide is Virgil, same as Dante. Well, I’ve read Inferno and I didn’t get the reference. Because it doesn’t look like a Roman poet, it looks like a British guy. But score one for Gillen, he’s a smartypants.

That slight at his readership aside, this issue’s easily the best one so far. Gillen doesn’t have all his inane music babble or gender politics in here. The protagonist is in this past (a literal trip to memory lane) and it’s falling apart.

In other words, Phonogram finally has a point.

It’s not perfect (or even good), but it’s not terrible or uselessly prentious.

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