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Ghost of Goodnight Lane (2014, Alin Bijan)

Lacey Chabert, Matt Dallas, and Billy Zane star in GHOST OF GOODNIGHT LANE, directed by Alin Bijan for Inception Media Group, LLC.

Ghost of Goodnight Lane is nearly okay. It's definitely amusing throughout–director and co-writer Bijan inexplicably throws on a terrible epilogue thing–and the constant joking really helps it. Most of the scenes play like a horror movie spoof, only one where the movie doesn't take the time to laugh at itself. There's a joke, there's a moment for the viewer to laugh or smile, but there's a prolonged delay. It moves. But then there are also these lame insert shots of the haunted house with bad CG ominous weather. And the movie's about a small film production company, so there should be some acknowledgment of the disconnect–a movie changing in editing.

There are a couple good running jokes and they're always coming at the most inappropriate time. It's set in Dallas, not Hollywood, which makes the apathy somehow more grounded. And funny.

The most important component are the leads. Billy Zane plays the dimwit narcissist director and producer. He's hilarious. Every line delivery is played for maximum effect (and humor). Lacey Chabert and Matt Dallas are the young couple working for him. They're both good. Neither has much to do, but they're likable and play off Zane's silliness well.

Christine Bently is surprisingly solid as the bimbo actress. Actually, all of the supporting players are fine except Lynn Andrews III. He's bad (and is in the first act a lot).

Bijan occasionally has some good shots.

Ghost goes on too long, but thanks to cast and script, it has its moments.



Produced and directed by Alin Bijan; written by Bijan and Amy Acosta; director of photography, David Blood; edited by Bijan and Jonny Revolt; music by Amin Emam; production designers, Adam Dietrich and Matthew Englebert; released by Inception Media Group, LLC.

Starring Billy Zane (Alan), Lacey Chabert (Dani), Matt Dallas (Ben), Adam Whittington (Johnny), Christine Bently (Laurel Matthews), Danielle Harris (Chloe), Brina Palencia (Micah), Lynn Andrews III (Amin), John Franklin (Nico), Allyn Carrell (Thelma) and Richard Tyson (Ron).


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