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Nailbiter (2014) #1

Nailbiter  1

The parts of Nailbiter work better, for the first issue anyway, than the whole. Writer Joshua Williamson introduces the very silly idea of an epicenter of serial killers; while the Pacific Northwest does (or did) produce the most serial killers, Williamson localizes it to one very strange town.

He's able to make it work thanks to artist Mike Henderson. Henderson makes the creepiness work, but also the stranger in a strange land thing work. The lead character is a disgraced Army cop who's in town looking for his buddy. His buddy is another cop of some kind researching the place. The buddy's one of the issue's problems. Williamson doesn't show enough to sell the relationship.

But it doesn't matter because the Army cop is such a strong character. And the setting's great.

Williamson closes it with a big reveal–Nailbiter's really goofy premise. Not just the town, but even more.

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