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The Incredible Hulk 62 (December 2003)

The Incredible Hulk #62I can’t think of a more boring artist to do night scenes than Deodato. All of the art seems hurried, though some of it couldn’t be. Jones introduces little monsters who hunt Mr. Blue and Nadia. Except, of course, this issue is also where Jones reveals Mr. Blue’s identity.

He could have hinted at it better, especially during the endless conversations with Nadia. Two essentially unarmed women against hundreds of little alien-like things (alien like Aliens, no design originality award here) and Jones has them banter. It’s all exposition, so why not exposition with subtext.

There’s also some stuff with Doc Samson and his lady friend. Bruce Banner drives. Supposedly the lead character in the comic and he drives around.

Bringing all the supporting cast together is just revealing how little Jones needed them for except for expository purposes. Hulk hasn’t just lost texture, it’s lost Jones’s ramblings too.



Split Decisions, Part Two: Night Eyes; writer, Bruce Jones; artist, Mike Deodato Jr.; colorist, Studio F; letterer, Cory Petit; editors, Warren Simons, John Miesegaes and Axel Alonso; publisher, Marvel Comics.

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