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Manifest Destiny (2013) #5

Manifest Destiny  5

It's a decent enough issue but the opening scene resolving the previous cliffhanger goes on way too long. There's also no science–though there's the hint of it–and the science stuff in Manifest Destiny is always cool.

Instead, Dingess very awkwardly paces the issue. There's no time spent getting the explorers through the forest full of monsters, lots of time spent on the boat preparing to go back out, then a seemingly pointless encounter with Sacajawea. That last scene almost just seems like a reminder she's in the comic, because Dingess hasn't used her yet. The men are still running things.

Though, after this issue's cliffhanger gets resolved, maybe not.

In many ways, the issue feels like the first half of a two-part one. The whole back to the boat then on an assault mission thing feels like a setup, not a plot point.

But it's still good.

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