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Manifest Destiny (2013) #4

Manifest Destiny  4

Okay, Dinges knows he’s got his hooked readers by issue four and so he can punish with really good hard cliffhangers. Really frustrating good ones. Case in point, his cliffhanger here is only so good because of the way he layers in expectations about it in the journal entries of Lewis.

Maybe the cliffhanger is payback for Dinges building up the idea of a big monster fight only to avoid that sequence thanks to the arrival of Sacajawea. She remains a mystery this issue–though I’m assuming she’ll take down one or two of the scumbags eying her–but her wheeler dealer husband gets a lot of time. The comedy relief element is very welcome. Without some kind of comedy, half of Destiny is just a zombie story. One with a great setting, but still just zombies.

As much as the cliffhanger’s suddenness perturbs me, Dinges does pull it off.

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