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Detectives Inc. 1 (April 1985)

324019Marshall Rogers packs an incredible amount of information onto each page of Detectives, Inc. He’s got tiny little action panels, tiny little reaction panels, but every one of them works. His detail is precise while he’s still designing these great pages.

Don McGregor’s script is good and confrontational. There’s a lot of purple prose for exposition, but it definitely adds to the hard-boiled, world-weary tone. But the confrontational aspects are different–the leads are a black guy and a white guy, Army buddies who form a detective agency. The black guy’s better adjusted, while the white guy has an odious racist ex-wife.

Their case–McGregor opens with the resolution to one, which is neat–involves a lesbian couple. McGregor takes the time to examine how the white guy’s reacts. It isn’t just McGregor not avoiding something, he’s really doing a thorough examination of his character.

Good comic.



A Remembrance of the Threatening Green; writer, Don McGregor; artist, Marshall Rogers; colorist, Tim Smith; letterer, Tom Orzechowski; editor, Tom Orzechowski; publisher, Eclipse Comics.

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