The Saviors 2 (January 2014)

294640 20140131143415 largeThanks to the double page spreads, this issue has something like seventeen pages of story. Only most of it is action stuff with the stoner lead on the run for the sheriff. Only the sheriff is now a flying dragon alien.

Bone’s art is fine, but not the right style for an all-action issue. Worse, when Robinson does take a break, he pretty much just mimics scenes from Terminator movies. He’s hinted at some original ideas–like the alien invaders are psycho environmentalists–but none of them come through enough to make a difference.

It’s the second issue and all Robinson’s promises for the next one is more unoriginal answers and more chasing. Maybe at some point The Saviors will get interesting, but it seems a long way off with Robinson taking every diversion he can.

A faster pace and less grandiose panel layout would help things a lot.



Writer, James Robinson; artist and letterer, J. Bone; publisher, Image Comics.

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