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Xombi (1994) #18


This issue, concentrating on the second xombi, is pretty good. Rozum always does well with these done-in-ones and this issue, though it’s part of a bigger story (there’s some subplot brewing going on too), is basically one of those issues.

David and his problems are barely mentioned (everyone has seemingly forgotten the fiancée… it’s amazing what an editor can do).

Rozum makes the other xombi’s story something of an African fable. It doesn’t quite fit the rules he set up last issue in regards to the differences between a zombie and a xombi, but it’s not the undead flesh-eating type so I guess it earns the “x.”

It’s hard to feel much about the issue because of David’s non-role. Not even the Rabbi gets a big part. In fact, some new threat gets a bigger role than either of the regulars.

Those emphases are Rozum’s problem.

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