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Prophet 42 (January 2014)

293475 20140115171653 largeWow. Usually the backups are decent, but this issue’s effort from Polly Guo is so great, I’m talking about it first. Just a superb, funny high school story. Truly excellent stuff.

Now on to the feature. Ron Wimberley does a Diehard flashback. No complaints as it’s a great story, but why is it always Diehard? Why doesn’t anyone else get a story? But he’s telling it Rein-East, which is super cute.

Anyway, the story has Diehard on this planet with a tribal civilization. He’s trying to fit in, going on a vision quest. Only it’s Diehard so his inorganic physiology screws it all up. Even though Wimbeley never outright says it, he makes it clear Diehard is sad in his condition as an immortal android.

Robot. I can’t remember. Doesn’t matter for the story.

The art’s good, full of Prophet energy and wit. Wimberley and Guo do fantastic work.



Writers, Ron Wimberley and Brandon Graham; artists, Wimberley and Giannis Milonogiannis; colorists, Wimberley and Joseph Bergin III; letterer, Ed Brisson. Frog and Fly; writer and artist, Polly Guo. Publisher, Image Comics.

2 responses to “Prophet 42 (January 2014)”

  1. Vernon wiley

    Can’t read this one yet, as Diamond will not get me copies till tomorrow. Shit.

  2. Vernon wiley

    AH, Truly an ace of a comic. Ron Wimberly does a good job with a simple graphic style that’s hard to keep going for a full length story. And that back up. if that’s not short story of the year in comics, I don’t know what is.

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