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Juice Squeezers 1 (January 2014)

292256 20140101105941 largeCute David Lapham. Who knew.

For what he doesn’t do originally in Juice Squeezers–and a lot is original, he just has problems with the teenage banter scenes–he mimics. What does he mimic? Love and Rockets. And Lapham does handle the whole teenage romantic comedy angst thing well himself.

The setup’s mind-boggling. Teenagers who hunt down the giant insects plaguing a rural California valley. So it’s a fifties sci-fi movie mixed with Tremors, only too young for the drive-in crowd. Wait a second… Squeezers might even be targeted for young teens. David Lapham doing a comic for twelve year-olds. Man’s got to eat.

There’s a lot of fun, a lot of good characterizations. He never draws the bugs too gross (or even too dangerous) and he generates a very positive vibe. There’s a nice mix of light and dark visuals too. It’s a good comic.



The Great Bug Elevator, Part One: Welcome to the Neighborhood; writer and artist, David Lapham; colorist, Lee Loughridge; letterer, Nate Piekos; editor, Jim Gibbons; publisher, Dark Horse Comics.

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