Rocket Girl 3 (January 2014)

292160 20131231112324 largeUh oh.

The thrill is gone. Not entirely. But definitely partially. Not just in the writing either….

Montclaire does some funny cop interrogation stuff, but then goes into a lengthy flashback. In it, he reveals corruption in the future and plans within plans. It’s a lot of exposition and it takes a while before Montclaire reveals the point–it’s when Dayoung (the lead) goes into the past.

For some reason it all reminds of Highlander II and it’s never good to remind of that film.

There are no eighties references here either. Montclaire no longer gives the settings enough flavor, which only fits since Reeder is rushing along too. The art this issue is rough, like Reeder didn’t pay enough attention to detail. It’s only the third issue and both creators are losing their footing.

Somehow the joy is gone. Montclaire and Reeder unintentionally lose the series’s joy. Very sad.


Double Reagent; writer, Brandon Montclare; artist and colorist, Amy Reeder; publisher, Image Comics.

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