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Miracleman 8 (June 1986)

7968 20051127175514 largeThe issue opens with Cat Yronwode apologizing for the following reprints. She ought to doubly apologize as there’s a mention of the reprints being what Miracleman is thinking about after the end of his battle with Gargunza. Except none of the reprints feature Gargunza. Apparently when Miracleman thinks about his past, he thinks about unrelated episodes.

These reprints are probably the first Mick Anglo Marvelman I’ve read and, wow, they are stinky. Bad puns abound. Not to mention Anglo draws youthful Micky Moran like he’s fifty-three and an old drunk. There’s some Popeye influence to the art, which is kind of neat at times, but not often enough for it to be any good.

Yronwode keeps reappearing–with Chuck Austen drawing her appearance–to promise Alan Moore will return the following issue. Publishing delays are to be expected, but at least the reprints could’ve been on topic as flashbacks.



Miracleman Combats the Electric Terror; writer, Mick Anglo; pencillers, Anglo and Chuck Austen; inkers, Anglo and Al Gordon; editor, Cartherine Yronwode; publisher, Eclipse.

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