Darkman (1992, Brian Grant)

It’s kind of sad “Darkman” didn’t get a series order. Not because it’s good, but because it’s so laughably bad. One can almost hear director Grant telling lead Christopher Bowen to be more British.

But this “Darkman” pilot doesn’t exactly seem like a pilot. There are only five characters–Bowen, Larry Drake reprising from the movie (with a total of three or four lines) and Kathleen York as the last honest cop. She’s real bad. But she’s nowhere near as bad as the stuff with the uncredited homeless black kid who finds his way into Darkman’s cold British heart.

It’s short and there’s a bunch of footage from the movie, almost enough one might do better to think of this “Darkman” as sizzle reel for what would have been a truly horrendous television show. Terrible writing from Robert Eisele too.

Big Burton Batman rip-offs.

“Darkman” is incompetent and bad.

1/3Not Recommended


Directed by Brian Grant; screenplay by Robert Eisele, based on characters created by Sam Raimi; produced by David Roessell.

Starring Christopher Bowen (Peyton), Larry Drake (Robert G. Durant) and Kathleen York (Jenny).


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