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The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones 24 (December 1984)

22356Well, having Danny Bulandi on the finishes certainly helps the Trimpe art. It’s not good and the panels are still boring, but the level of detail is at least adequate. The opening page of Indiana Jones walking through a rainswept street might even be nice.

But then there’s Trimpe’s script. Trimpe manages a done-in-one, but only because he removes a lot. He takes out character development–not only is there a new villain for the issue, there’s also a new damsel in distress–and he takes out the artifact. Jones has stumbled onto something and just finishes it.

And the finish? Well, Trimpe rips off the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, which I sort of think someone else has already done on this book. Maybe not.

Needless to say, Indiana Jones’s Further Adventures are getting rather tiresome. Trimpe’s endless, talky thought balloons alone could cure insomnia.



Revenge of the Ancients; writer and penciller, Herb Trimpe; inker, Danny Bulanadi; colorist, Rob Carosella; letterer, Diana Albers; editor, Ralph Macchio; publisher, Marvel Comics.

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