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Rocket Girl 2 (November 2013)

288933 20131113145220 largeIt’s too fast a read. Once Montclare gets to the flashback, which is set in the future–it might take up almost half the issue–he rushes. Flashbacks lend themselves to expository summary and Montclare takes that bait. Filling in the reader about the evil corporation isn’t just not as interesting as Rocket Girl’s adventures in eighties New York City, it doesn’t look as good either. Montclare isn’t giving Reeder much to do in that future flashback.

But even too fast, it’s a good read. The character work Montclare does is good, the humor’s good, the art’s amazing. And one compliment for the future part–Montclare is able to sell the teenage cops thing. It seems like a teen movie friendly detail to make Rocket Girl sell better to Hollywood… but Montclare makes it work.

The finale is a great foiled convenience store robbery. The comic’s a lot of fun.


Objects in Motion Tend to Stay in Motion…; writer, Brandon Montclare; artist and colorist, Amy Reeder; publisher, Image Comics.

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