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Manifest Destiny (2013) #1

Manifest Destiny  1

Manifest Destiny very nicely retells the story of Lewis and Clark, only with them hunting monsters in the American wilderness. Writer Chris Dingess hints at this turn of events for a little way, then reveals it full force and it’s a good reveal. Matthew Roberts’s art helps a lot. He captures the time period but he also has a lot of personality to his people.

One of the more interesting things Dingess does has to do with the partnership. Lewis and Clark are not great friends in this issue, but there’s the expectation once their identities are clear. Dingess has these mercenaries pair off and conspire and it’s interesting to see how either set of partners gets on.

The art’s lovely–Roberts has great designs too. It’s hard to tell much else. For instance, no idea how Dingess is going to pace the comic.

Destiny’s off to a good start.

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