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Rip Kirby, Terror on the Thames (June-December 1948)


This storyline, even longer than the last, again has Honey getting a smaller role than almost anyone else. She’s back, at least, even if it is just for the setup mostly. Since Rip’s been gone on his latest adventure, Honey has been apparently promoted at the modeling agency and is now organizing fashion shows in addition to modeling in them. A modeling auteur, as it were.

One of her models goes missing and Rip ends up investigating. But Greene and Raymond also take the time to show what’s actually happening with the model during her disappearance. It’s a nice narrative move—Rip Kirby’s plotting is getting more and more inventive, even if Rip himself is barely present anymore. He’s still a bigger character than Honey, but Greene and Raymond constantly shortchange him.

And that shortchanging seems to make a better strip.

Lots of great art (London, the models) from Raymond.


Writer, Ward Greene; artist, Alex Raymond; publisher, King Features.

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