Boys’ Night (4 November 2013)

Boys night out 17About halfway through Boys’ Night, I realized I had not seen enough Disney movies to understand the ground situation. The entirely unauthorized comic has Mickey, Donald and Goofy getting drunk and hanging out. If it weren’t for a script from Max Landis and excellent art from AP Quach, the comic probably wouldn’t even be well-known.

But what’s strange is how–even though Landis is using the characters as analogues for aging friends in general–there’s a whole lot of continuity. I think Goofy’s wife died in A Goofy Movie, which seems heavy for a cartoon, and Landis goes with it. He’s got a clinically depressed Donald Duck and a downbeat Mickey Mouse.

Night has scenes of wonderful, profound honesty. Landis offsets them with the hilarity of seeing the trio abusing Porky Pig.

It’s both fun and not; Landis and Quach couldn’t have gotten similar mileage without using these characters.


Writer, Max Landis; artist, AP Quach.

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