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John Carpenter’s Asylum 3 (October 2013)

285979 20131009161545 largeI’m not sure where Jones and company really expect Asylum to go. The issue ends on its first natural comic soft cliffhanger, but it also ends with one of the main characters becoming completely irredeemable. These aren’t great characters to beg with, so why hang around for more with the guy….

The story is a mix of End of Days and John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness and Vampires. It might have worked better if they had just done a comic spin-off of Darkness, actually, then the comparisons would be natural.

There’s a lot of demonic action this issue, which Manco does a fine enough job with. I only notice a handful of those weird low angle shots–they’re still bad, but the demonic action makes up for them.

Jones is mostly just writing action scene dialogue; I wonder if he got bored with it. Asylum’s just paced all wrong.



Writer, Bruce Jones; artist, Leonardo Manco; colorist, Kinsun Loh; letterer, Janice Chiang; editor, Sandy King; publisher, Storm King Comics.

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