Dick Tracy (1967, Larry Peerce)

“Dick Tracy” is shockingly all right. About half the pilot plays like a bad James Bond movie–villain Victor Buono is ludicrous and in it way too much, even if there’s an amusing revelation at the end. But the other half, with Ray MacDonnell as Dick Tracy, is pretty good.

He’s got a house full of gadgets–sadly, his entire family doesn’t appear in the pilot; it would have been nice to see how the pilot portrayed them–and many of them are absurd, but it’s Dick Tracy. He’s always had absurd gadgets.

MacDonnell does great in the role. He takes it seriously, even during his scenes opposite Buono. He’s got particularly good support from Jan Shutan as one of the cops. She’s a lot more proactive than her male colleagues.

It’s too bad this one didn’t go to series. Astoundingly bad theme song though. Knocks off the Goldfinger song!



Directed by Larry Peerce; teleplay by Hal Fimberg, based on characters created by Chester Gould; director of photography, Frederick Gately; edited by Bill Mosher; music by Billy May; produced by James Fonda.

Starring Ray MacDonnell (Dick Tracy), Jan Shutan (Lizz), Ken Mayer (Chief Patton), Monroe Arnold (Sam Catchem), Jay Blood (Junior Tracy), Victor Buono (Mr. Memory) and Allen Jaffe (Hook).


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