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Fashion Beast (2012) #2

Fashion Beast  2

See, there you go, I had no idea the protagonist–her name’s Doll–worked at a nightclub. I thought she was working for the fashion guy, but no. Big fail from Johnston on that one.

This issue is a lot better than the last one, with most of the issue having Moore dialogue. There’s a nice expository opening–with people on the street filling the reader in on the ground situation–before Doll finally ends up at the fashion place.

Giving a transgender girl a masculine lesbian for a nemesis is a little odd, especially since not everyone is mean, just the villain fashion crones and the lesbian. There’s not enough texture to the supporting cast.

But, thanks to the dialogue and plotting, Doll comes through as a strong protagonist. She gets immediate sympathy thanks to the vicious bad girl, but her choices are also strong.

It’s getting better fast.

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