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Adrift (2013, Simon Christen)

A scene from ADRIFT, directed by Simon Christen.

Adrift is… well, what is Adrift? Adrift is four and some minutes of fog cover San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge and some of the surrounding areas. Director Christen uses time lapse photography, which turns the fog into waves. There’s always motion.

It’s a beauty of the natural world piece, with only the slightest hint of narrative. Christen cuts it to play as a nightfall, a day and then another sunset. His final shot, of fog overtaking the camera, does give the film closure but it’s artificial.

The magic of Adrift is how the obvious artifice never gets in the way of the viewing experience. Jimmy LaValle’s music is understated and never interacts with the imagery, which is an interesting choice. Christen could have used music to drive the film, instead he just lets it lull the viewer.

Adrift makes one wishes the world looked the way Christen shows it.



Directed, photographed and edited by Simon Christen; music by Jimmy LaValle.


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