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Irredeemable (2009) #11


Interesting revelation this issue–not the stuff with the Plutonian’s girlfriend and the space alien, which is amusing both comedically and in terms of a character being boiled down to nothing more than a girl who likes bad boys (which works in an episode of “Seinfeld,” but is a little banal in more literary ventures)–rather about the Plutonian’s youth.

Actually, wait, it does relate–besides the squeeze finds out he’s a psychopath and the revelation–Tony “broke” his baby brother–are about the same thing. The Plutonian didn’t just snap, he’s always been a nutcase. It breaks the Superman parallels, quite intentionally, and Waid’s moving Irredeemable onto its own ground more and more each issue.

Unfortunately, regular artist Peter Krause isn’t on the whole issue. Diego Barreto, who isn’t bad, does the first half. He’s serviceable, but the issue feels off visually.

Once again, Waid’s on with this one.

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  1. Yes, the Plutonian’s childhood seems to be the beginnings of his mental instability. I don’t have the issues handy, but it seems the seeds for this were planted a little earlier. His weird negligence of the facts of reality I felt was evident in his trust of the “artifact” in the hands of the earth scientist. With the ever emerging unstable behavior of the team’s new leader, it seems Waid is making a point that absolute power will indeed, corrupt absolutely.

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