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A Pocket Guide to the Pocket Guide to Series (2013)


It’s fitting Kevin Huizenga loses it in his pocket guide, The Pocket Guide to Series. Not loses it in a bad way, but loses any pretense he isn’t just having a laugh with the form. The skill and talent comes from how well the laugh goes.

Series is ostensibly a guide to all Huizenga’s pocket guides–the last page, with ordering info, reveals all of the guides mentioned in the guide are out of stock, except the two actual other guides, which he doesn’t mention. This “index” is a cross between meta text about the reader reading and something like Borges’s potential literature. Maybe eighty-twenty, since Huizenga could never turn any of the indexed guides into actual guides; the point is their description here.

It’s a really breezy read; Huizenga had me grinning by the first actual page.

One reads it, smiles, laughs and marvels at Huizenga’s artistic processes.

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  1. vernon wiley

    The great thing about watching a master of the art form at work is the sheer playfulness of how they view the medium and how it can be manipulated. Huizenga makes it look effortless.

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