The Maze Agency Special 1 (1990)

340993It’s a busy day for Gabe and Jennifer in this Special issue. What makes it special–besides the three interconnected stories, the reprint of Barr’s ashcan for Maze Agency and the extra pages–is the art. Each story has incredibly different artwork.

The first has Joe Staton (inked by Rick Magyar). Shockingly, it works out well. His story looks very fifties or sixties crime comic. His detail isn’t great, but it’s all consistent. Never thought I’d be so impressed.

Magyar takes over the art himself on the second story. He has a beautiful, moody style. It’s a shame he usually just inks the book.

Then the Pander Brothers do the last one. They’re wonderfully crazy. Seeing a straight mystery comic in their style is awesome.

And Alan Davis does the ashcan. His art’s the least impressive, which is a surprise.

The mysteries are fine but the art’s the thing here.


Morning: What Goes Up…; penciller, Joe Staton; inker, Rick Magyar; colorist, Scott Rockwell; letterer, Vickie Williams. Afternoon: Murder by a Hair; artist, Magyar; colorist, Rockwell; letterer, Williams. Evening: The Dog That Bit Back…; artists, Arnold Pander and Jacob Pander; colorist, Alicia Basil; colorist, Williams. The Mile-High Corpse!; artist, Alan Davis; letterer, Todd Klein. Writer, Mike W. Barr; editor, David Campiti; publisher, Innovation Publishing.

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