A Pocket Guide to Pleasure (2013)

Pocketguides3By the third page of A Pocket Guide to Pleasure, it becomes clear Kevin Huizenga is having fun. He’s not messing around and not doing work, but he’s having fun. The guide doesn’t really include any tips on what kind of form and content give pleasure, except this guide does give pleasure so maybe one should emulate it.

But mostly what Huizenga does is constantly amuse the reader. He turns the form–a 2 x 3 or so ink jet printed mini book–into a kind of performance piece. He’s performing for the reader with the work, which isn’t the same thing as telling a good story. Pleasure is a written, illustrated, designed monologue.

Huizenga frequently tells the reader to keep the guide in his or her pocket for a constant return to pleasure. It’s a funny little thing, with rather deep implications.

Very glad it’s paper, not an app.


Writer, artist, colorist and letterer, Kevin Huizenga; publisher, USS Catastrophe.

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