The Private Eye 1 (19 March 2013)

269271 20130319172911 largeWhile there’s nothing new under the sun, there’s especially nothing new in The Private Eye. Brian K. Vaughan does come up with some interesting details for his future setting–cloud computing imploded, everyone’s secrets came out, now the news media has been nationalized and reporters are cops.

Paparazzi are outlawed and basically are the new private detectives. Pretty sure a paparazzi is a person who takes pictures of famous people to sell them freelance, but not someone who has a client and investigates, but whatever. It’s got Marcos Martin art and a lot of it so who cares.

The story for the first issue is pretty familiar too. Maybe Vaughan kept cutting to old film noir posters to foreshadow. Again, doesn’t matter. Martin more than makes up for it.

Since it’s digital-only, Martin does these 16:9 panels, a little less wide than traditional double page spreads. They’re beautiful.


Writer, Brian K. Vaughan; artist, Marcos Martin; colorist, Muntsa Vicente; publisher, Panel Syndicate.

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  1. vernon wiley

    Yeah, a real nice art piece, for sure. This and Rucka’s latest project, Lazarus, have gorgeous visuals that lay on a simple, familar framework that just barely pulls it’s weight. Second issues should tell the tale of how far eye candy goes. Good thing the writers brought along enough high end candy to whet our appetites.

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