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The Superior Spider-Man 3 (April 2013)

896148Slott’s starting to edge in on Batman territory here. The Vulture is using children to commit crimes, strapping them into flight harnesses and sending them out. Otto loses it and almost kills him, horrifying Ghost Peter and the police lady.

I can’t remember her name. It might be Carlie or something; it’s goofy, whatever it is.

There’s the judgment from Ghost Peter and cop lady, but… Otto’s kind of right, isn’t he? If the Vulture has graduated to abusing little kids, the soft-hand tactics are clearly outdated.

There’s also some stuff with Ghost Peter getting into Otto’s memories and discovering Otto’s human side. Those scenes aren’t particularly good, since Otto’s not in them. Not bad though.

The more I think about it, yeah… Slott is just turning Spider-Man into Batman. He’s also showing how Otto’s intelligence was wasted as a criminal. He’s more effective as a good guy.


Everything You Know Is Wrong; writer, Dan Slott; artist, Ryan Stegman; colorist, Edgar Delgado; letterer, Chris Eliopoulos; editors, Ellie Pyle and Stephen Wacker; publisher, Marvel Comics.

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