The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones 5 (May 1983)

22337Michelinie finishes his first two-parter quite well. The issue has a frantic pace with an interlude or two, usually for humor (sometimes for romance). Frenz keeps it moving in the art too; there aren’t any gradual segues for most of the action scenes. Michelinie and Frenz race through a bunch of action, pause for a bit, race again. Maybe there are three pauses, not two.

The issue has some sightseeing in England–Stonehenge, of course–along with some general tourism. It’s perfect for the license–“locations,” time period and action. Michelinie really gets how to make it work, especially when it comes to Indy. He’s not just not infallible, sometimes he’s not particularly strong either. Dumb luck plays a factor in his actions and his love interest proves to be made of stronger mettle when it comes to certain situations.

Again, Michelinie’s writing makes Jones a thoroughly decent read.


The Harbingers; writer, David Michelinie; penciller, Ron Frenz; inker, Danny Bulanadi; colorist, Bob Sharen; letterer, Joe Rosen; editor, Louise Jones; publisher, Marvel Comics.

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