The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones 4 (April 1983)

22336I really hope David Michelinie is the new regular writer on this one. Like, really, really hope. I’ve never been a big Michelinie supporter before, but coming after O’Neil, he clearly gets Indiana Jones. Even with the expository stuff, Michelinie makes it seem like natural dialogue from an academic.

This issue puts Indy in London, which is full of anti-Nazi sentiment and war fears (see, Michelinie cares about the setting), working on something related to Stonehenge. The quest is secondary to all the action–there’s a fantastic chase sequence through the city. Michelinie and penciller Ron Frenz keep it all very exciting.

Frenz and inker Danny Bulanadi do decent work overall, but excellent when it comes to the action pacing. Frenz will slow down the funny moments and hurry through the boring stuff.

The cliffhanger doesn’t really work, but it’s easy to forgive. Michelinie’s enthusiasm makes Jones acceptable reading.


Getaway to Infinity; writer, David Michelinie; penciller, Ron Frenz; inker, Danny Bulanadi; colorist, Bob Sharen; letterer, Joe Rosen; editor, Louise Jones; publisher, Marvel Comics.

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