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Lord of the Jungle 6 (July 2012)

2013 02 20 872746Once, not listening to the black lady leads to disaster. Even if it’s realistic, Nelson’s playing the passive racism card a little too often. Not for the dumb white characters, but for the black lady. At least half her scenes are just her saying something smart and being ignored.

This issue’s a complete downer. It’s another fast read, with Jane in Wisconsin about to be married off (maybe her father’s unlikable because he’s more her pimp–Nelson’s inability to reconcile this situation is probably Jungle’s greatest failing)–and Tarzan showing up to save the day.

But the reuniting doesn’t go particularly well and Tarzan’s left alone. I guess the U.S. setting makes more sense now. Nelson’s going for an adventure comic, but a “reintroduction to British royalty” comic.

It’s particularly impressive how sympathetic Nelson makes Tarzan in just a single issue of him talking.

It’s a good issue.


The Height of Civilization; writer, Arvid Nelson; artist, Roberto Castro; colorist, Alex Guimaraes; letterer, Simon Bowland; editor, Joseph Rybandt; publisher, Dynamite Entertainment.

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