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Lord of the Jungle 3 (April 2012)

872751Nelson continues to impress. Even though his characterizations are definitely too late–Jane’s father is a classic buffoon character but not 1909 classic–but he does come up with some interesting developments.

He also doesn’t shy away from the time period’s realities. Jack Clayton isn’t reminding the Porters of his (higher) station and Professor Porter isn’t above dismissing the black cook’s (intelligent) ideas because she’s a black cook. The first element is 1909. The second is still relevant, but Nelson uses it to turn his lovable buffoon into a less lovable character. Same goes for Clayton being a jerk about money.

As for Tarzan? He peeps on Jane–Castro does cheesecake for her, which is a somewhat interesting decision and maybe Jungle’s most ambitious (to juggle the two approaches)–rescues her from a fellow member of his tribe, then drags her off into the jungle.

It’s surprisingly engaging stuff.


The Call of the Primitive; writer, Arvid Nelson; artist, Roberto Castro; colorist, Alex Guimaraes; letterer, Simon Bowland; editor, Joseph Rybandt; publisher, Dynamite Entertainment.

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