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Film is Rhythm (1923, Hans Richter)

A shot from FILM IS RHYTHM, directed by Hans Richter.

Film is Rhythm isn’t immediately impressive. Director Richter moves some white rectangles across the black screen. Then, gradually (but at a quick pace–Film is only three minutes), he starts doing more movements with these rectangles and squares.

By the time he was zooming them in and out, I realized it was either exceptional animation or a lot of work. Many of the objects have texture, which raises the question of how he made them zoom. Well, how he made so many objects in the same shot zoom in and out. Did he somehow superimpose or is Film just really good animation?

At the end of the film, Richter seems to realize he’s got the viewer and just keeps amping it up with inverses and so on. Film then becomes about the process and Richter loses any sense of “rhythm” he had going for him.

It’s magnificent if too detached.

3/3Highly Recommended


Directed by Hans Richter.


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