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The Boys (2007) #33

The Boys  33

I really wish I could remember the name of the Wonder Woman analog because Ennis does some great stuff with her this issue. He also does something interesting with the Homelander–setting him up to attempt being a superhero. But those developments are on the Seven side of things….

On the Boys side of things, Butcher goes against the rest of the lame heroes, rather viciously. These guys aren’t particularly reprehensible so at times it seems excessive, until one remembers what they’ve done (Ennis never directly references it, just makes the scenes long enough the reader does it on his or her own).

Hughie and Mother’s Milk regroup and plan out their next steps too. The next issue needs to be a doozy.

John McCrea and Keith Burns take over on art, which gave me slight pause. But they go ahead and keep up the violent intensity without any humor.

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