John McCrea

The Boys 65 (April 2012)

And Ennis comes up with a huge surprise reveal–before teasing a surprise in the next issue. He doesn’t go as far with it as he could; he basically does a Brubaker. He reveals something in the characters’ history to change everything they knew and so on. He doesn’t do a full Brubaker though. I was […]


The Boys 39 (February 2010)

Ennis is tying some stuff up–or at least buying the laces–with McCrea and Burns on the art. It’s not the right issue for them, it’s all way too mundane. Butcher finally finds out about Annie, Frenchie tries to get the Female hooked on 2000 AD, we find out Mother’s Milk has some issues from his […]


The Boys 33 (August 2009)

I really wish I could remember the name of the Wonder Woman analog because Ennis does some great stuff with her this issue. He also does something interesting with the Homelander–setting him up to attempt being a superhero. But those developments are on the Seven side of things…. On the Boys side of things, Butcher […]