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Before Watchmen: Minutemen 6 (March 2013)

MINUTEM Cv6 solicitCooke plays both Hollis and the reader. We all find out at the same time–maybe Cooke’s trying to show Hollis made the same negative assumptions the reader does, but I don’t think so. Cooke’s been intentionally fooling the reader for at least three issues and in ways he doesn’t fool Hollis.

The comic still somewhat succeeds because Cooke writes Hollis so well. He’s likable and sympathetic. It’s funny Cooke doesn’t give him a single vice while everyone else gets a bunch.

But Cooke never makes Minutemen its own thing. He ties into the original Watchmen a lot for the epilogue. The series itself is basically the story of Hollis editing his book. Only the reader gets the truth this time.

One probably shouldn’t second guess Alan Moore, especially not with a contrived, triple surprise ending. Cooke even misses the issue’s best possible moment.

Still, it could’ve been much worse.


The Minute of Truth, Chapter Six: The Last Minute; writer and artist, Darwyn Cooke; colorist, Phil Noto; letterer, Jared K. Fletcher; editors, Wil Moss, Camilla Zhang and Mark Chiarello; publisher, DC Comics.

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