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Snarked (2011) #11

Snarked 11Langridge goes all out this issue in terms of obviousness. It’s okay though, he’s earned the right to be forward. He deals with the Walrus’s character and the Royal Family’s family issues bluntly. And he makes great scenes out of them.

In terms of the former, it’s not as blunt. There’s a great twist to reward the reader (and the Walrus). But the family stuff is blunt because it needs to be. Scarlett has to carry too much and the weight reaches its apex towards the end of the issue. The beauty of Snarked (and Langridge) is the issue isn’t over yet. There’s the funny, touching soft cliffhanger after the big blowout. It’s fantastic.

The issue reads reasonably fast; there are a lot of laughs to it and there’s a lot of action too.

Langridge does outstanding work, but I’m guessing the next (and final) issue will be even better.

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