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Drowned Out (2012, Leo Claussen and Nicholas K. Lory)

A scene from DROWNED OUT, directed by Leo Claussen and Nicholas K. Lory.

I thought Drowned Out about young American yuppies (circa 1985 based on their clothes), but it’s actually about young German yuppies. Maybe they just dress twenty years behind. Out is in English, which is a funny choice as the actors stumble over their dialogue–they’re German, after all. Directors Claussen and Lory should have given their actors the opportunity not to be unintentionally goofy. Was the language choice to make Out more internationally accessible? To give more people the chance to suffer through it?

The lead character, atrociously acted by Tim Haber, is alone in a country house. Eventually his trite friends arrive, but Claussen and Lory don’t have any dialogue in Out for the first twelve minutes while Haber’s exploring the house. In addition to being lame, the directors fail to introduce it well. It’s also annoying due to the film’s ambitious and inept sound design.

Claussen and Lory are only the directors of this lemon, so one can’t entirely fault them. Besides the terrible editing choices and their inability to direct actors, a lot of Out looks pretty good. At least during the daylight scenes. When it’s nighttime, Lory (also the cinematographer), can’t figure out how to make anything shoot well on the DV. Writers Marco Margaritoff and Maximilian Claussen are the ones who took a short subject topic and drug it out to full length, just because the film’s producers had access to the single setting.

Drowned Out isn’t just awful, it’s offensively long, pointless and stupid.



Directed, produced and edited by Leo Claussen and Nicholas K. Lory; written by Marco Margaritoff and Maximilian Claussen; director of photography, Lory; music by Giona Ostinelli.

Starring Tim Haber (H.R.), Elena Claire Grebe (Maria), Marco Margaritoff (George), Jillian Barreca (Jennifer), Julia Schmidt (Hannah) and Maurice Dyba (Paul).


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  1. Just watched the trailers for it and I could tell something was wrong.

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