Vinegar Teeth #1 (January 2018)

Vinegar Teeth #1Vinegar Teeth is a lot. Like, a whole lot. Because it’s gross and Troy Nixey’s art manages to hint at the gross without ever inundating with the gross.

It’s a cop story. Only the lead, drunk rogue cop has a new partner–a giant toxic waste monster named Vinegar Teeth. Vinegar Teeth didn’t pick its name. It isn’t even sure it wants to be a cop. It definitely wants people to be nice to it and one another.

Damon Gentry’s writing keeps up–mostly–with the art, which isn’t easy. Nixey’s doing this extremely detailed noir with some cartoonistisms. The ending comes way too quick–Vinegar Teeth doesn’t get to be a character enough–but the cliffhanger is cool. Gross, but not too much, and cool.

Apparently the Lovecraft influences start next issue. Woo!


Writers, Damon Gentry and Troy Nixey; artist and letterer, Nixey; colorist, Guy Major; editors, Cardner Clark, Brett Israel, and Daniel Chabon; publisher, Dark Horse Comics.

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