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Charles, Your Hangover (2011, Two Trick Pony)

A scene from CHARLES, YOUR HANGOVER, directed by Two Trick Pony.

So, according to Charles, Your Hangover, hangovers don’t have to do with brain chemistry and blood alcohol content, but an annoying Adam Scott-wannabe played by Tory Stanton.

Charles is really well-made. The director (or directors), Two Trick Pony, do an outstanding job with Panavision aspect ratio and Joel Pincosy’s photography is fantastic. It’s just not funny.

Scott McCabe plays the lead character, the one with the hangover, and he isn’t appealing. Once he sobers up a bit–and gets away from Stanton–McCabe is a little better. But he never makes a real impression.

The short is all about its gimmick and its gimmick isn’t original. It feels like an audition for a commercial (the similarities between it and those Dean Winters Allstate insurance commercials is palpable). So all Charles has going for it is the filmmaking and the filmmaking’s good.

It just doesn’t produce an amusing film.

1/3Not Recommended


Written, directed and produced by Two Trick Pony; director of photography, Joel Pincosy; edited by Zephyr Muntari; music by Thomas VanOosting.

Starring Tory Stanton (Charles), Scott McCabe (Martin), Jai Sahai (Roommate), Elizabeth Aaron (Denise) and Jon Nagel (Boss).


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