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Scalped 26 (April 2009)

Aaron almost makes Diesel sympathetic, which should be impossible but it’s the second part of the exceptionally misanthropic “High Lonesome” arc and anything’s possible.

He’s also got Furno on the art doing his magic–the first time Scalped has broken up an arc between different artists.

But it falls apart at the end, in that regular Aaron style. He asks the reader to believe the FBI–even the racist, anti-Native American FBI–would actually recruit and promote a kid who killed his fellow kids.

Aaron loses Diesel’s sympathy vote then. He apparently didn’t watch “The Wire” close enough to see how to pull off these things.

Other than the last three pages, it’s an outstanding issue, nearly one of Scalped‘s best. The Furno art helps. Every scene is a revelation.

But the ending is just dumb.

It should be disappointing, but Aaron’s plotting failings are predictable at this point.


Been Down So Goddamn Long That It Looks Like Up To MeHigh Lonesome, Part Two of Five; writer, Jason Aaron; artist, Davide Furnò; colorist, Giulia Brusco; letterer, Steve Wands; editors, Mark Doyle and Will Dennis; publisher, Vertigo.


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