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The Unwritten 32 (February 2012)

853273I’m perplexed. Pullman does something bad, but I can’t figure out what he’s done or why it will put Tommy and the gang in danger.

What’s incredibly frustrating is Carey spends about half the issue with Pullman talking about what he’s going to do; I thought I’d understand it once he got to it… but no.

Otherwise, it’s a very solid bridging issue. Carey resolves the previous cliffhanger–not in a happy way, either–and sets up for the next challenge. Lizzie and Richie spend most of the issue trying to figure out how to survive without magic, which raises some interesting questions about Tommy’s powers while also providing drama.

There aren’t any big action set pieces, so Gross just excels at the dramatic pacing. Carey sets up a problem and gets to a resolution by the end; Gross has to make it frightening. He does.

It’s all quite good.


Tommy Taylor and the War of Words, Part Two; writers, Peter Gross and Mike Carey; pencillers, Gross and M.K. Perker; inker, Perker; colorist, Chris Chuckry; letterer, Todd Klein; editors, Joe Hughes and Karen Berger; publisher, Vertigo.

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  1. vernon wiley

    You know, I felt exactly the same about Pullman’s “great reveal”. Ay some times, Carey manages to sneak away from providing any “deep” explanation of the Leviathan’s dimension and how it works. Maybe it’s coming up? Luckily, all his nice plots devices keep the momentum up and all of us guessing hasn’t hurt my enthusiasm. At one point, perhaps, he’ll have to more fully explain it, but perhaps that’s best left to our imaginations.

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